What is Ransomeware and How Can it Affect Your Business?

This cyberattack scheme hasn’t garnered nearly as much attention as the usual “break-in-and-steal-data-to-sell-on-the-Internet version,” but it can be even more debilitating. Ransomware attacks have begun appearing in the last few years and its practitioners are so polished that in few cases they even have mini­call centers to handle your payments and questions. So what is […]

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8 Biggest Mistakes When Purchasing Security Cameras


Mistake #1: Confusing High Resolution with High Definition. The term “high resolution” is normally used in conjunction with analog systems with high TVL (TV lines), whereas the term “High Definition” is specific to systems that process the video digitally at either 720i, 720p, 1080i, or 1080p. The selection should be made based on the particular […]

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